Mee Krob: A most Delicious Treat


Since I was a child this has been one of my favorite Thai Dishes, It is a savory, yet sweet and savory dish with a lot of crunch from Northern Thailand. It is rarely seen on restaurant menus because it must be served fresh and it is fairly labor intensive to prepare. I promise you, it is well worth it.

Mee Krob With Shrimp and Tofu
Mee Krob
Thai Crispy Stir Fried Rice Noodles
Developed by Devany Davidson  
Mee Krob is an easy dish that makes a fantastic snack, or appetizer. Children LOVE it. Vegetarians could easily leave out the shrimp. In Thailand this is almost always prepared in a wok If you feel nervous about deep frying in
a wok, you may use a stock pot.
6 ounces sen mee – rice noodles (these are called by other names in
Chinese look for the thinnest rice noodles if you do not see the “mee”)
2 eggs, beaten
3 tbs of thinly-sliced pickled garlic or regular garlic rough chopped.
6 tbs of shallots (small red or purple onions), sliced thinly
6 ounces of medium prawns, shelled and de-veined
¼ cup sweet chili sauce (also known as dipping sauce for spring rolls)
¼ cup of ketchup
2 teaspoons tamarind concentrate mixed with 5 teaspoons water
6 tablespoons lime juice
1 cup palm sugar (or brown sugar if you cannot find it)
7-8 fresh kaffir lime leaves, shredded (if you cannot find fresh, forget
about it dried and frozen are not flavorful enough
2 tablespoons fish sauce – Nam Pla (I prefer Red Boat)
* Note the sauce should be a balance of sweet, salty and savory, not just
Thinly sliced green onions, and red and green Thai Chiles or jalapenos julienned.
1/2 cup extra firm tofu, cubed
½ cup of cilantro chopped coarsely
1 Cup of bean sprouts
4 radishes julienned
Chopped peanuts, toasted

1. Heat about 3 cups of peanut oil in a wok or very deep stock pot until very hot (350)
2. Drop the noodles, a small quantity at a time, into the hot oil.
They immediately puff up and turn golden brown.  Turn immediately
with chop sticks or spider.
3. Remove at once with a slotted spoon, or a wire spider.
4. When all the noodles have been cooked, set aside to drain
5. Drizzle the egg into the oil to form a ribbon of cooked egg, then take it from the oil and chop it up. 
6. Finally deep fry the pieces of tofu until golden brown and set aside.

1. Now pour off and reserve all but a little of the oil
2. Stir fry the garlic pickle and shallots
3. Stir fry the prawns briefly until they turn pink
4. Mix the cooked ingredients, except the tofu, and transfer to a serving platter.
5. Combine the ingredients of the sauce, cooking on a medium burner
until slightly thickened and place it in a small bowl.
7. Just before serving, ladle it over the food and toss gently then add a
bit more on top and garnish.

Notes: If you live in an area that does not have an International Market, you can order everything online at Most large
grocery stores have many of the ingredients now days.
You can prep the garnishes ahead of time and make the sauce ahead, so
that all you have to do is the frying and tossing before service.


About Devany

Ceramic artist and food writer living in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls, deer and fungi. Life is sweet. With deep roots from LA, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Charleston and Hawaii.

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