Food writer and photographer Devany Vickery-Davidson’s latest project The Sassy Spoon is an adventure of food and recipes to be shared with the world. Formerly Devany’s Hawaii Centered Blog; My Hawaiian Home featured food, photography and insights on life in Hawaii. Over the course of five years life and food in Hawaii were chronicled.  Devany’s Photography Blog; Dev Pics is the online portfolio of her photography work. In addition to her writing and photography, Devany also follows her passion for ceramic art and her work can be seen on her Website; East Bay Potters  Within weeks of moving to Charleston, The Sassy Spoon became Charleston’s most read food blog. She now lives in the Mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville where she divides her time between food and ceramics. For visual fun, follow her Instagram page, Devany_CeramicsAndFood.


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